Rolex GMT-MASTER II 116710BLNR Watch Review

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fake rolex watches

In the Basel world watches and clocks jewelry fair in 2013, Rolex grandly launched the new 904 l stainless steel Oyster Perpetual GMT-MASTER II wrist watch, and on its rotating outer bezel it used the two-color blue and black CERACHROM ceramic bezel, whose blue color referring to the daytime and the black referring to the nigh time.

For more detailed info about this Rolex Ref.116710BLNR watch, it features oyster watch case (the middle watch case casted by the original piece of metal, Screw-plug watchcase bottom cover and winding watch crown). Watch size is 40mm in diameter, and watch texture is 904L stainless steel with the grinding and polishing effect, watch case bottom of Rolex triangle grooved screw-plug bottom cover, watch outer bezel of 24 hour progressive scale two-way rotating outer bezel with double color of black and blue CERACHROM ceramic word bezel, and the numbers and scales are filled with platinum through the magnetron sputtering technology. For the winding watch crown, it features screw-plug three padlocks triple waterproofing system, and the watch crown protector shoulder connected with the middle watch case as a whole. When it comes to the watch mirror, it is scraping-resistant blue crystal mirror, and the double counter-attack light small window lens magnifying the calendar for 2.5 times, and it is waterproof as deep as 100 meters (330 feet).

And the movement of this Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-MASTER II 116710BLNR is carrying with the Rolex 3186 self winding mechanic movement with bi-directional winding perpetual pendulum Vedas and it has pass through the COSC authentication. The functions of this Rolex watch include the central hour, minute, and seconds pointers, 24 hour independent pointers, which are quickly adjusted the second time display by the independent pointers, second hand suspended function, and accurately adjusting the time balancing swing components and there sets the instantaneous jumping calendar at the position of three o’clock.

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Rolex Watches: Know about Why Rolex Watches Are Inaccurate

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replica rolex submariner watches

As we know, Rolex mechanical watch’s precision of the waking time can’t compared with that of the quartz watch, as its accuracy is affected by many factors as well. The time error of the general mechanical watch is within the permission of 30 seconds, and the specific error can be made according to the movement that the Rolex mechanical watch use. But why mechanical watch will produce the time error? How can we adjust the time? Just study the reasons of the Rolex Inaccurate time here!

1) The influence of impact vibration. The severe impact vibration also has an impact on balance wheel vibration cycle, especially those mechanical watches with low swing state or low frequency, as for the severe impact vibration that has already damaged pendulum shaft tenon or balance spring, it will inevitably bring walking time fault to the mechanical watches.

2) The influence of swing. The tightness of spring will directly affect the size of the escapements amplitude, therefore also affect the isochronism performance of the mechanical watches. The so called “isochronism “refers to a kind of phenomenon that the size of the swing of the volatile objects do not affect the vibration period, but the balance and hair spring system in the mechanical watches are not free-oscillations.

3) The influence of temperature. Temperature changes will make the geometry size of the balance wheel and hair spring also change, and every small changes of these key components will directly affect the oscillation cycle, and the temperature will cause changes on the viscosity of the watch oil, thus making the Torque transmission of the mechanical watches gear train and the swinging change.

4) The influence of position changes. The position change firstly causes the friction surface change of the Pendulum shaft tenon, and increases of friction surface, then the balance wheel unbalance degree under the action of gravity is more obvious and prominent, with additional torque effect on balance wheel and the gravity balance spring, which makes the balance and hair spring system in every position oscillation cycle have different influence.

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Rolex Watches: Datejust 179138 Review

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The Rolex gold watch can be said as one of the best gold watches in the world, and most of the Rolex fans have the dream of buying rolex gold watch, and think that only this can be called the real Rolex, which is the Rolex consistent image for you. Today will bring you one of the best Rolex golden watch for you to know more about. Just follow me!

Launched in the year of 1945, the Rolex Oyster Datejust with its elegant design and small window lens calendar display, has become one of the wrist watches with the highest recognition degree in the world. Both timeless aesthetic elements and excellent function, Rolex Datejust is a classic model of wrist watches. From aesthetic perspective, different types of Datejust wrist watches after years of baptism, still retain the original aesthetic elements. And its traditional watch has more become one of the most famous and most recognizable wrist watch in history.

Rolex Datejust 179138 champagne watch with diamond inlaid dial

For this rolex golden watch, it is selling at the price of RMB 258,700 Yuan. Basic information about this Rolex Datejust 179138 are as follows: watch case of 18K gold inlaid diamonds in diameter of 26mm; watch dial of round shape in champagne color with diamond inlaid; table mirror of sapphire crystal; watch crown of 18k yellow gold; watch strap of golden color and 18k yellow gold material; watch buckle of folding buckle in 18k yellow gold of material; waterproof of 100 meters; watch movement of automatic movement.

Rolex watch belongs to more high-grade brand in the watch industry, the price is relatively high, especially this Rolex Datejust 179138 golden watch, and high taste of substances naturally has to cherish, so how to maintain is a issue for you, and you need to know more tips on maintaining the Rolex golden watch for more higher collection value.

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Swiss Watches: Reasons to Buy Breguet Watches

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breguet replica watches

Speaking of Breguet, people who love it would surely know those classic marks—the money-shaped case, skeleton moon-shaped hand, round lug, hidden signature, etc. It is not simple to learn it thoroughly, but need you to play it, to appreciate it, and finally you will shock at its stunning processing on every tiny detail. We will start from the dial. The white dial is made of 18 k silver. Although it looks simple, six carving skills are applied to it: the central Geneva waves, cloudeParis on 12 o’clock, sunstreaker on 2 o’clock. Different part of the watch is carved delicately. I think the blue hand is a perfect company for the silver dial. The pure white could set off the glaring blue to its best, while under the blue dial, the silver-white dial appears to be more pure. In my eyes, the dial alone has perfect adornment and best combinations. That Bregeut took up a special place in the traditional area is closely connected to Mr.Breguet, the founder of Breguet, who has excellent inventions in this whole life, such as tourbillon, Breguet hands and numbers. So he is crown as the father of modern watch.

Balance wheel and hairspring are crucial components on movement, and they have great influence on the precision. Through improving the rotor frequency and its precision, Breguet is able to elevate the stability to a high level. In order to make a light and precise watch, silicon finds its application in this watch, and this material is immune to magnetic waves.

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Cartier Rotonde DE Cartier Astrocalendaire Celestial Watches

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replica watches quality

Cartier brought hundreds of new watches at 2014 SIHH, among which covers the creative watches full of new idea, brightly dazzing jewelry watches and thrilling retro wrist watches to offer consumers too many production to see. Here we are going to appreciate a new watch of this year – celestial operated perpetual calendar wrist watch, which is not only features elegant temperament, but also has innovation of circular calendar, to challenge people established impression of perpetual calendar watch in the past and display the beauty of the innovation of the wrist watch.

Rotonde DE Cartier Astrocalendaire celestial operated perpetual calendar watch thoroughly changed the operation and display method on a calendar. Cartier is original in conception and created the branded-new central display perpetual calendar with revolutionary ideas. In order to make the perpetual calendar clear and easy to read, the design of the celestial operated perpetual calendar watch is as an amphitheater, which is a real pioneering work of the tabulation. Traditional perpetual calendar listed the display of 12 months, seven days a week, date and flat leap year within the confined space of a few centimeters in diameter, caused the reading difficulty is inevitable. And this new perpetual calendar method has made all the problems solved.

Time display of the Rotonde DE Cartier Astrocalendaire celestial operated perpetual calendar watch is placed in the upper position of the dial, and on the white watch dial there has a classical Roman numerals time scale, with the blue sword type pointer walking gracefully on the dial. With 3 d multilayer concentric design, each function of perpetual calendar watch can render step by step: the first layer for the week, the second for a month, and date display on the top layer. Delicate pane moved along different levels. As for the last function of the perpetual calendar – flat leap year display, it is clearly indicated through a pointer on the back of the wrist watch.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Hublot Big bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Chrono

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hublot replica watches

In 2011, Mr.Biver, the CEO from Hublot declared to launch a super excellent diver watch—Oceanographic 4000 and there were two editions for options: the titanium edition and carbon-fiber edition. This series is launched out in conjunction with Monaco Maritime Museum and Monaco Albert I Maritime Research Fund. Those two bodies are well-known for their researches on marine exploration and protection. In the two watches, Titanium only has a 1000 while the carbon fire only launches 500. To resist water pressure, the whole case is sealed completely, and the mirror alone is as thick as 6.5 mm. It is similar to Rolex Submariner and other Omega diver watches, but Hublot has more high-tech materials, thus more light, so it can reaches 4000 meters under the water.

Hublot Big bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Chrono is the glorious moment for the FIFA official watch in the year of 2014! This is also the first bi-retrograde watch that Hublot ever launched. The unique movement for the Hublot Big bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Chrono is a masterpiece that is taken as paying homage to the football event and also a celebration for Hublot being the official watch in the FIFA in 2014 and it is Born for Football.

Over a long time, Hublot Unico movement has been outstanding among other movements. The column wheels and clutches are integrated on the side of the case, which becomes a pioneer work and also shows the flexibilities of Unico movement. There are two options: one is a Big bang Unico Bi-Retrograde chrono king gold carbon and another one is Big bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Chrono ceramic carbon.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Vacheron Constantin Calibre 1731 and Breguet5377

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporain Calibre 1731

Every brand has its special way to design a thin watch and Vacheron Constantin is one of best of those. When a bean shines on it and you will love it if you appreciate it by rotating it.  18k 5N pink gold case shines and every index, letter and mark is master’s delicate work. Malta imprint seems to tell the story of this traditional brand. A small second on the 8 o’clock, is the first time that appear in series of watches of Vacheron Constantin, which makes it obvious among others.

Through the case button we can clearly see the thin movement that is polished. It would take 4 years to make a movement and it just has 3.9 mm of height but with 65 hours power reserve. Although it is a little bit thicker than 3.28 mm movement invented in 1933, it is now still the thinnest movement.

vacheron constantin replica watches
vacheron constantin replica watches

Breguet5377 automatic winding tourbillon

It is a great challenge to making a super thin watch, but adding a tourbillon to it would be more difficult. Tourbillon, working in its own style, has played the visual dynamic arts to its best. After Breguet inserts a tourbillon in to a thinner watch, you will be amazed at this miracle.

As tourbillion needs certain space to work, so it could be considered a great challenge to the techniques since Breguet uses its advanced techniques to achieve that goal. In order to place this complex little machine into a thin movement and case, designer from Breguet place Automatic Tourbillon outside the movement to do bidirectional movement. So that could not only reduce the thickness, it also provide a precise time.

Looking back to thousands of years ago, people tell time by telling the location of sun and moon. Now we have so many chronograph tools with different types and functions. How a great achievement we have made.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre CH 80 Chronograph

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replica tag heuer carrera

Tag Heuer Carrera nowadays launched new product, releasing the new type of Calibre CH 80 Chronograph wrist watch, whose CH 80 Chronograph with the 80 hours of energy storage is made of polished stainless steel, and the thickness is of only 6.5 mm; at the same time, it is set off by the sapphire bottom cover and perforated leather strap to make it much elegant and special.

The design inspiration of this Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre CH 80 Chronograph originates from Jack Heuer original design in 1963. And this wrist watch retains the function of three functions of timing dials on the watch surface, under the watch dial there carry the vertical movement to provide precise readings and timing. TAG Heuer brand founder Edouard Heuer’s grandchild, Mr Jack Heuer, created brand legend Carrera series under the inspiration of a chance, with fluent lines full of sense of speed, lively and concise aesthetic design, coupled with popular perforated leather strap, loyal to the car element as a design inspiration, which let the Carrera series hold the stable and important position in the car watches.

The branded new Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre CH 80 Chronograph continues the classic sports style, with polished stainless steel case, black dial protected by the sapphire crystal glass, and the Timing pointer on the small white dial is coated with the striking red color. This new Tag Heuer Carrera watch keeps traditional dial layout, showing novelty in detail place. Small second dish is set in the 6 o ‘clock position, 30 minutes timing dial is located at 3 o ‘clock position, 12 hour clock dial located at 9 o ‘clock position. Between the 4 o ‘clock and 5 o ‘clock position there also sets the date display.

The watch crown with a red decoration sets in the watchcase lateral at 3 o ‘clock position, with timing button respectively in 2, 4 o ‘clock position. The Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre CH 80 Chronograph is also equipped with perforated stainless steel clasp and black leather strap.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Hublot Classic Fusion 521.OX.7081.LR Watch

hublot knockoff
hublot knockoff

The Father’s Day is approaching, the Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT watch launches the classic fusion “racing gray” chronograph watch, which is adhering to the eternal classic of the time, to show the father’s refined personality with the low-key humble gray color. Classic fusion “racing gray” chronograph is engraved eternal elegance connotation. Gray exudes a unique metallic color, condensates the beauty of the time, and highlights the intriguing multiple charm; king gold case reflects the king temperament, and echoes with the gray dial and strap to complement each other. The 45 mm diameter watch is equipped with timing function, the date window is located at 6 o’clock position, which is equipped with HUB1112 self-winding mechanical movement – combining the elegant design and practical functions, increasingly bringing out father’s self-character, so as to highlight the mature men’s unique exquisite grade.

The Hublot classic fusion “racing gray” chronograph watch let the timeless linger between the father’s wrist, to stay with the love and time.

Technical Parameters

Serial number: 521.OX.7081.LR-18K king gold 45mm chronograph watch

Case: classic fusion – 45mm diameter

Watch bezel: 18K king gold

Watch ear: black synthetic resin

Watch dial: satin gray sun pattern drawing

Watch mirror: sapphire mirror anti-reflective coating

Watch back: 18K king gold, sapphire mirror anti-reflective coating

Movement: HUB1143, automatic winding time mechanical movement, Date window at 6 o’clock position; HUB1112 (45mm diameter), self-winding mechanical movement, date window at 3 o’clock position.

Power storage: for about 42 hours

Waterproof depth: 5 standard atmospheric pressure (about 50 meters underwater)

Watch strap: gray crocodile leather lining black natural rubber, 18K red gold folding clasp

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Audemars Piguet Women Watch: unique and extraordinary

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swiss replica watches

After 8 years of Audemars Piguet was founded, the first Audemars Piguet movement for women watch was born. A 3-inch (6.8 mm) movement, set a world record and opened a new chapter of female watch.

With the development of society, women’s social role and social status are changing quietly, and women also have different characteristics and unique aesthetic feeling. Talking about the development history of Audemars Piguet women watch just like watching a times’ movie, and taste the change and shadow of art and aesthetic in different eras.

1820s is known as “the most colorful age in history”. At that time, The unprecedented wave of industrialization has opened up, the new and confident modern women showed up, and the contemporary art movement also spread from Europe to the North American continent. Its core of aesthetics is mechanical and geometric. From the radiant rays of the scallops to the ancient Egyptian Totem, and from bright, exaggerated pink to fiery orange, all pure decorative lines and distinctive color painting are not to stick to one pattern.

In order to highlight the emerging lifestyle, Audemars Piguet launched a series of jewelry watches and accessories, to create a new self-image for women who won the freedom in society. Women’s jewelry watches, launched in 1922, are quite representative. The watch is decorated with diamonds. It is small and full of decorative style, explaining its peak interpretation on pocket craft.

Time moved on to 1870s. Within the ten years known as the disco age, feminism grew rapidly, Mrs. Thatcher became the first woman prime minister of Great Britain, and the fashion that pursuing personality was also influenced by able woman. At the same time, Audemars Piguet experienced the second peak of the rapid development of women’s watches. The exterior design of the watch is also more diversified: round, pillow shaped, oblong and oval watches came out one after another. After 1976, Audemars Piguet launched the classic first Royal Oak ladies watch, becoming a pilot vane at that time.

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